Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Admit It

I bought yarn. Mind you, I haven't bought yarn in MONTHS. OK, like 2 months. But still.

The Loopy Ewe sent me an email and I couldn't resist some Lorna's Laces in their new colorways.

LL- Cookie's Deep Dark Secret

Cookie's Deep Dark Secret

LL- Nightmare's Night Out

Nightmare's Night Out

LL- Zombie BBQ

Zombie BBQ

LL- Amy's Vintage Office

Amy's Vintage Office. OK- this one's not new but I've been wanting it for awhile.

I also got a Namaste Zuma bag in Black from Scout. No picture but I LOVE it. I encourage you to score a Namaste bag if you don't have one. They are fantastic!

Now I really want one of these. But I really need a knitting chair for the office more. So I'll hold off on another knitting gadget for a but.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


Friday, September 04, 2009

The Saga of the Red Kitchen

When we bought this house, I knew one of the first things we would do was pull the wallpaper off the kitchen wall and paint. Little did I know the trials and tortures this would entail.

A week or two after moving in March, I started scrapping. And scrapping. And scrapping. I used fabric softener, Dif gel, a fancy paper scoring tool, and a razor blade. NOTHING worked. And I managed to chunk the dry wall in the process. Yes, the paper was applied directly to the dry wall. UGH!

House- Wallpaper

The wallpaper that refused to come off.

Then, someone at work suggested renting a steamer. Apparently you can rent them at home improvement stores for about $50 a day. Well, for $100 you can buy one and amazon will bring it to me. Say hello to my little friend!

That sucker worked like a charm. It was messy, steamy, and still took 8 hours but the wallpaper finally came off. And with much less wall damage. I figured it was worth buying since I still have 2 bathrooms with wallpaper of doom to pull out.

House- Bye, Bye Wallpaper

Safety first, kids!

House- No More Wallpaper

Finally, the wallpaper was GONE!

Once a color was chosen, painting began...

House- Start of Red

It looked REALLY BAD. I mean this is crapping my pants, thinking about plan B kind of bad.

House- Red Kitchen, Uneven

Oh my goodness! What did we do???? But facebook friends reassured me... just keep painting... And I did.

After 6 coats, the color really became what I wanted. A nice, rich, velvety red that makes the room feel warm and cozy.

House- Red Kitchen

House- Red Finally

House- Kitchen After

Shoot! I should have moved the ladder!

House- Red Backdoor!

The color is off in this one. But you get the idea.

So here we have it... Before...

Kitchen- Before

and After....

Kitchen- After

Kitchen- After 2

Family Room before...


and after...

House- New Couches

The patio furniture finally made it outside.

House- Patio Furniture Outside

Slowly but surely, the house is coming together.