Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The New Digs

I realized I didn't show you all the pics of the new house. Luckily, there's not much that needs to be done. Although, not much seems to take a LOT of time. I've been stripping wallpaper for about 4 days now. It's kinda ridiculous!


Our First House

Here's the front yard. You've seen that. The tree with no branches on the right now has bright white flowers and a really bad smell. Also, it leaves little flower droppings EVERYWHERE. You can sweep and sweep and sweep and there are more flowers. It's pretty but I kinda hope it ends soon.

Kitchen 2

The kitchen. Notice the feather wallpaper from hell. UGH! It is my nemesis.

House- Wallpaper


House- Kitty Nook

Fireplace. I think that little nook is supposed to be for wood. But it makes such a nice kitty bed.

Living Room To Kitchen

Formal living and dining room.

Brian's Office

Brian's office. Hurray for built-ins. Otherwise, he would have tried to steal my desk.

Guest Room

The true spare room. The old owners LOVED built-ins. They are really nice quality. So we feel lucky. Plus, all the appliances came with- even the washer and dryer. Thank goodness! Saved us so much money!!!

Vacuum System

There's even a central vacuum. Brian really loves this.

House- Which Office Color

I'm picking colors for my office/studio.

House- Brian the Gardner

Meet my gardener, Brian.

Garden- Lemons

You want lemons? We have lemons!

Garden- Rosebuds

And the roses are on their way. Hopefully the herbs grow big and strong!

House- Sun Spots

The kitties are adjusting. Although, mostly they are just sun spot lumps.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Bye, Bye #434

As Mark Twain famously said, "Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." Holy Cow! We moved in to a house that really didn't need any work. And I can't believe how much work that has been!!! It all started on March 6 when the movers came. OK, really it started well before that. Here it all is in pictures.

We started packing up all our stuff from the old apartment. Now, our old place was 730 sq ft. Not big for a 1 bedroom. How on earth do we have so much stuff???? (stash not withstanding!)

Move- Packing

I'm a little type A. And this kind of chaos really had me on edge.

Move- Last Look Kitchen

Finally, moving day came. Thank GOD for movers!!!! Seriously. It would have taken Brian and I all day to load the truck from our 3rd story apartment. The movers knocked it out in an hour and a half.

Move- The Van

Most things made it into the truck.

Move- Bye Bye Brown Chair

But lots of stuff didn't. Bye, bye ugly (but comfy) brown lazy boy. In our new house, we literally had our bed, the two bar stools that came with the house and my desk. That's it. It's hilarious not to have any furniture. People want to come visit and I tell them to BYOC. Bring your own chair.

Move- Angry Eva and Gross Carpet

So far, the cats were NOT happy. Their reactions really show their personalities. Eva was pissed. In fact, she continued to hiss at Milo for the next couple of weeks.

Move- Freaked out Milo

And Milo was really freaked out.

Move- All our stuff in 1 stall

How sad is it that ALL the stuff from our old apartment literally fits into 1 stall of our new 2 1/2 stall garage. We moved into a 1900 sq ft house. We've been so used to bumping into each other all the time. It freaked us out a little to be talking and not to have the other person able to hear at any time. We kept saying, "where are you???" It's great.

When I went back to the apartment a week or so later to finish cleaning and throwing the little odds and ends away, I was treated to this sight.

Move- Thank Goodness We Left

Awesome! Puke on the walkway. Yeah, I knew we had lots of reasons to move. But this sealed the deal.

Bye, bye #434. It was a great 7 1/2 years.

Move- 434