Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Fence

When we bought this house last March, we knew the fence was rotted out. In fact, we got a little money off the purchase price to be able to replace it. Of course, we decided we could live with it for a while in it's poor condition.

But winter came with wind and rain. And the old fence had clearly come to the end of it's life.

Bad Fence

See? The only thing keeping the fence up is the bottle brush trees that we want to take out.

This morning, 3 guys showed up and took the old fence down in about 15 minutes.

New Posts

New fence holes and posts went in.

Framing Up

Tops are squared off.

New Slats

Slats installed.

No More Lean

All done! No more lean!!!

It took three guys, four hours to demo and put in the new back fence. It seriously would have taken Brian and I a week and marital counseling to do this.

Back of the House

So pretty! The side fences need replacing too. Unfortunately, neither neighbor seems on board with that at the moment. They are in bad shape but not falling over. We'll just live with it for a while. The major issue was the back fence and now we can really start to make the yard into the garden/living area we want.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Seedlings Started

Well, it's raining again today. Sigh... But there is a bright spot I got my seed starting kits going. I got this set from Burpee. Hopefully this gets the garden off to the right start.

Seed Starting

You get little soil pellets in a tray. Just add water and... poof!

Pellets Expanded


There are tons of herbs and a few veggies in there.

Seeling Map

Had to make a map of what's where.

The coolest part of this system is that it's self watering.

Lots of Little Plants

You just add water to the bottom tray and a special fabric layer draws water up to the bottom if the individual pots. Perfect for me since I ALWAYS forget to water indoor plants.

Popped on the top for an instant greenhouse.

Seed Starting Greenhouse

Now I just have to wait for the little plants to start sprouting!