Sunday, May 31, 2009

Andries Willem

My sister gave birth to her son, Andries Willem, via C-section at 12:30 this morning. We're calling him Dries which is Dutch and rhymes with peace. He was 9lbs. 4oz., 21 in., and a FULL head of hair. (Just like when his mom was born.) He's really cute. And so far, he seems skeptical of me which is a good sign.

Dries- Family

Mom, Dad, and Baby Dries

Dries- Nell Making Faces

Aunt Nell is very silly!

Dries- One Eye Open

That's some hair!

Happy Birthday, Dries! We're so happy to meet you.


Friday, May 29, 2009

The Office

I have a glorious week off from work. I was supposed to go to my 10 year college reunion. But most of my closest friends decided not to or they just had a baby. So the prospect of flying cross country, renting a car, and not seeing all the people I really wanted to made the trip not so feasible. However, I had already asked for the time of from work. A week that will now be devoted to home improvement. WooHoo!!! You know sometimes there are projects that linger because you want to be sure you have a couple days in a row to work on them. And a day after to recover. I'm taking full advantage.

First up... Finish painting my office. I had the color up on the walls for a few weeks. But I needed to do the trim and the ceiling.


Nell's Office


Nell's Office- Desk

The terrible curtains with the brass rods are gone. And there's color!!!

Nell's Office- Need a bigger bookshelf

Clearly, I need a bigger bookcase. Especially since most of my books are still in boxes in the garage! Maybe I should destash books. Hmmm....

Nell's Office- Empty Corner

This empty corner is just begging for a big comfy knitting chair. It's going to be a couple more paychecks before I can make it happen though.

I love the color. It's Halcyon Green from Sherwin Williams. Sometimes it looks more blue. Sometimes it looks more green. But it always reminds me of beach glass.

Notice I didn't show you the closet. It's a mess. But my whole stash is in there. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to organize it. So for now, no closet shots.

And it wouldn't be home improvement without some sort of injury.

Nell's Shin

This is Nell's shin vs. the ladder. Proof that once again I am very clumsy and very pale.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where I've Been

About a month and a half seems to be the pace at which I can handle blogging these days. The house/garden/snail war is stealing my knitting and blogging mojo. I'm still here. Just not as tied to the computer as I used to be which is both good and bad. Anyway, here's some pictures from the last month and a half of so. Enjoy...

In February, there was a book signing and Stitches... Both of which I forgot to take my camera to. Duh!

Lauren and Nell

Me and the fabulous Lauren Groff.

Stitches- Malabrigo Puppets

Finger puppets from Malabrigo

BMFA- Silk Thread II- Muddy Bottom Breakdown

Silk Lace from Stitches- Someday I will knit lace...

Miss Babs- Sock Yarn- Nell

Miss Babs Sock Yarn in the color Nell. Tapmouse was Nice enough to make sure I got some!

KA Needle Set

A new KA needle set. They have a swivel join!

In March, we moved. You've seen all that. And I'm trying to repress memories of said chaos.

In April, my little sister came out for my big sister's baby shower.

Sally- Tatoo Onesie

Big Sis with the tattoo onesie

Sally- Abra looks on

Little Sis looks on as Big Sis opens gifts

Sally- Cupcakes

There were cupcakes. Yum!

Tasting at Tulocay

Then off to Napa to taste some wine. (Not Big Sis, of course!)

That's about it. We ordered furniture. But until it's ready in July, I leave you with a picture of our family room.

House- Temp Furniture

They are surprisingly comfortable!