Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nice to See You

Long time, no blog. Between Facebook and Pinterest, my computer time has been sucked up. But I had a couple of things I wanted to show off.

I've had a needlepoint notebook kit for years. Last Sunday, it called to me from the craft closet. I happily stitched away while watching a DVR marathon of Smash and House of Lies.

Quick Needlepoint Project

The kit came with everything you need to make a gussied up notebook. Thank goodness it came with instructions. I haven't done needlepoint in quite a while.

After about 3 hours I had this piece.

Insert Closeup

Which you then insert into the notebook's window...

Needlepoint Insert

And you get a finished project.

Finished Notebook

A fun and easy lazy Sunday project. But now it's almost too nice to use. Isn't that always the way.

You might remember that we had a dining room table custom made to fit our space perfectly. It's beautiful. However, we had it made too tall for normal dining room tables. But it's a little too short for counter height chairs. Kinda silly, right? So we've been using cheap folding chairs that were really too short for a couple of years now. They were so short we had to put Grandma on a phone book for Thanksgiving! Yesterday, Brian brought home our new "real" chairs. They are about an inch too tall. So eventually we'll have to cut the legs down. But they look 1,000 times better than the cheap folding chairs did.

New Chairs

It's very masculine. The rest of the room will have to be a little softer so that it balances out.


I should have cleared the table off before I took pictures.

Single Chair

Here's a single chair. The leather is actually really dark brown. And somehow the wood matches our table perfectly. Now we just have to have a dinner party to show them off!

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