Sunday, September 08, 2013

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz a Blanky

I came across this post on the Purl Bee and I fell in love with the Chevron Baby Blanket. So I hopped on over to and ordered my own color combination for my friends' son, Ben.

Ben's Blanket

Pattern: Chevron Baby Blanket from The Purl Bee
Yarn: Purl Soho Super Soft Merino- 4 skeins Heirloom White, 1 skein each- Timeless Navy, Extra Green, Clementine Orange, and Dragonfly Blue.
Needles: KP Options- US 11
Date Started: August 11, 2013
Date Finished: August 30, 2013
Mods: None to the pattern
Comments: I had to order 1 extra skein of Heirloom White. That slowed progress a bit. This yarn is super, super soft and fluffy. It made a warm blanket that will be perfect for a Boston baby.

Ben's Blanket

Although the sell kits with different color combos, I really love the colors I picked. It's preppy and nautical without being too serious.

Ben's Blanket

I'm especially loving the bright blue/orange combo. Now I just have to get it in the mail to the baby boy.


Monday, August 19, 2013


For his first birthday, I decided to knit my nephew Silas an octopus. Did you know you have to knit 8 legs?!?!??! That's a lot of legs. But it did turn out really cute.

Octopus- Sleepy Eyes

Project: Ollie Octopus for Silas
Pattern: Knit Octopus
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock Medium Weight in Algae, 2 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks Options, US Size 6
Date Started: 5/30/13
Date Finished: 8/11/13
Mods: None

Octopus- Close Up

Loving his sleepy eyes.

Octopus- 8 legs

But damn that's a lot of boring legs to knit. I hope baby Silas loves him a lot- even though he is a month and a half late.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Only 9 Months Late

Last July 1, my nephew Silas was born. And I finally finished his baby blanket.

Silas at Christmas

Isn't he cute?!?!?!

I love this pattern. It's quick, beautiful, and easy to memorize.

Silas's Baby Blanket

Name: Silas's Baby Blanket (Rav Link)
Pattern: Heirloom Baby Blanket
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Fjord
Needles: KP Options Lucite US Size 10
Date Started: 2/24/13
Date Finished: 3/17/13
Mods: None. Although, I ran short of yarn for the bottom border. So that end has a little shorter edge. I'm pretty sure he won't notice.

Silas's Heirloom Baby Blanket

Here's a close up of the stitch pattern. Love it.

Now I just hope it doesn't take me another month to mail it to them.


Thursday, August 02, 2012

I'm a Cheater

I have to confess... I've been cheating on my knitting. But when I saw this post on Alicia's site, I couldn't resist. Of course, I bought the kit and furiously dove in.

Then, in typical Nell fashion, I got distracted by knitting and it took forever for me to just finish the damn thing.

Winter Cross Stich

Here's how mine turned out. Now it just needs to be ironed and framed. But that'll take me another 6 months. I really do hate finishing!

Now back to our regularly scheduled knitting.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Victory is Mine!

I thought this post needed some Olympic attitude! For the fifth knit from Wendy Johnson's Toe Up Socks for Everyone, I finished the Victory Socks.

  Pair of Victory Socks

Pattern: Victory Socks from Toe Up Socks for Everyone
Yarn: Scout's Swag Merino Sock in Orchid Satisfaction
Needles: KP Options US Size 1.5 (2.5mm)
Date Started: 10/23/11
Date Finished: 7/15/12
Mods: None. But this is the first pair I knitted 2 socks at a time on 1 magic loop needle. It went pretty smooth although I had a yarn tangle at the end!

  Victory Sock

 This pattern was really fun to knit I just got derailed by all the baby knitting I've had in the past few weeks. They really should not have taken so long.

  Victory Socks

Love them! And I really love the Scout's Swag yarn. Her color sense is amazing. The purples flow so beautifully.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Another Baby Boom

It seems like every year, I'm smack dab in the middle of a baby boom. And this year is no different. There are at least 7 babies I need to knit for this year.

  Autumn Leaves Cardigan

Pattern: Autumn Leaves
Yarn: Sublime Organic Cotton DK in Clay, 2 skeins
Needles: KP Options Size 6
Date Started: 3/11/12
Date Finished: 5/6/12- The knitting was done about a month ago. In typical fashion, it took me forever to sew the buttons on.
Mods: None. I really knit this as a trial run but I think it's good enough to give as a gift.

  Auntumn Leaves Cardi- Close up

 I love the pink buttons. It makes it sweet but not too girly. I'm thinking this one is a hit.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nice to See You

Long time, no blog. Between Facebook and Pinterest, my computer time has been sucked up. But I had a couple of things I wanted to show off.

I've had a needlepoint notebook kit for years. Last Sunday, it called to me from the craft closet. I happily stitched away while watching a DVR marathon of Smash and House of Lies.

Quick Needlepoint Project

The kit came with everything you need to make a gussied up notebook. Thank goodness it came with instructions. I haven't done needlepoint in quite a while.

After about 3 hours I had this piece.

Insert Closeup

Which you then insert into the notebook's window...

Needlepoint Insert

And you get a finished project.

Finished Notebook

A fun and easy lazy Sunday project. But now it's almost too nice to use. Isn't that always the way.

You might remember that we had a dining room table custom made to fit our space perfectly. It's beautiful. However, we had it made too tall for normal dining room tables. But it's a little too short for counter height chairs. Kinda silly, right? So we've been using cheap folding chairs that were really too short for a couple of years now. They were so short we had to put Grandma on a phone book for Thanksgiving! Yesterday, Brian brought home our new "real" chairs. They are about an inch too tall. So eventually we'll have to cut the legs down. But they look 1,000 times better than the cheap folding chairs did.

New Chairs

It's very masculine. The rest of the room will have to be a little softer so that it balances out.


I should have cleared the table off before I took pictures.

Single Chair

Here's a single chair. The leather is actually really dark brown. And somehow the wood matches our table perfectly. Now we just have to have a dinner party to show them off!

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