Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finished Just in Time

I go back to work today. My knee is feeling great and I'm hoping that I'll be just fine. Now I just need to remember how to do my job! (just kidding, mostly)

Anyway... With the back to work deadline looming, I knit my fingers off the last 2 days to finish the third project in my "knit the book" project. I finished weaving in the ends this morning.

Bouquet Sock- Done

Pattern: Bouquet Socks from Toe Up Socks for Every Body by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Scout's Swag Superwash Merino in Maravilla
Purchased: July 1, 2010
Date Started: February 28, 2011
Date Finished: March 20, 2011
Mods: None.

Bouquet Sock- Close Up

Here's a close up of the pattern. Truth be told, I didn't love knitting these socks. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't digging the process as much as I did with the two previous socks in this series. Then it dawned on me, there are eleventy million purls in this pattern. Too.Many.Purls. They turned out beautifully but not a pattern I'm likely to repeat.

Bouquet Sock- Heel

Close up of heel. I love, love, love this toe up heel flap. I've always preferred a heel flap but, since my feet are a dainty size 12, I like to knit socks toe up to be sure I don't run out of yarn. Until this book, I thought I was relegated to short row heels forever. But Wendy saved the day. Now I can have heel flaps and toe up socks. Swoon!

Bouquet Socks- Toe

Check out that gorgeous toe. Thanks again to the Stash and Burn girls for pointing out the Cat Bordhi video on You Tube. I finally figured out Judy's Magic Cast On. In fact, I didn't know I was doing it wrong but I always had a seem on the toes of my socks. Not terrible but not really what was intentioned. Now my socks have smooth even toes. Double swoon!

At the rate I'm going, I have knit 3 pairs of socks in 2011. Part of me thinks, "I'm already even to my sock knitting total for 2010. I'll knit 12 pair this year! YEAH! GO socks! I'll get through my stash!" But then, the realist in me remembers that I'm going back to work and my knitting progress will probably slow way down. Plus, I'd probably like to knit a few things besides socks on 2011. We'll see. No promises. But I'm excited to have my knitting mojo back.

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Blogger Jo said...

Lovely - but even before I read the text accompanying your pictures I was thinking, "Too many purls!"

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is a LOT of purling. But they look beautiful!

3:39 PM  

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