Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's Still New Year's Eve To Me

I worked tonight until 11:30. So I didn't make it home until after the clock struck midnight. I'm not a HUGE New Year's person. So that's just fine by me. But I did promise to show you the last 2 FO's of '08.

Baby Mine- All done

Baby's First Merlot
Pattern: Baby Mine by Yarn Harlot
Yarn: Yarntini Merino Sport in Merlot
Needles: Knit Picks US size 5
Date Started: 12/6/08
Date Finished: Knitting- 12/12/08, Buttons- 12/31/08
Mods: None

Baby Mine- Buttons

The buttons are shell from JoAnn's. In person, they reflect the pink a lot better than they do in photographs. It was decided that the baby born in October is too big for this little sweater. So I'll have to start something else for her. Oh well, there are lots of babies coming and I'm sure one of them will fit into this perfectly.

Stripey Scout Socks- Done

Stripey Scout Socks
My own toe up formula
Yarn: Knit Picks Sock Blank that I dyed in Scout's dyeing class
Needles: Addi Turbo US Size 1.5
Date Started: 9/14/08
Date Finished: 12/29/08

Stripey Scout Socks- Lined Up

Since the yarn was dyed as double knit fabric, the stripes match up perfectly. I even wore them to work tonight. Love 'em!

Happy New Year!!!!!



Blogger Lin said...

Happy new year! xx
Love the sweater.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

I love them both! It's uncanny how well the socks match.

5:07 AM  
Blogger peaknits said...

Love the projects! That little sweater - is that just one skein of the sport? I love it. And those socks - too cool for school!

5:39 AM  
Blogger marirob said...

Love the sweater and socks! So beautiful. Happy New Year!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

That is a beautiful sweater! I'm as curious as Peaknit - is that just one skein of sport wt yarn for the sweater? I have that exact color from Yarntini!
I love the socks - enough to brighten up even the lousiest of shifts at work! :) Happy New Year! PS - I work tomorrow, and then all next week. It's in the world of nursing. Never a holiday enjoyed on time....SIGH........

7:20 AM  
Blogger knittinwolf said...

What awesome projects!

Happy New Year!

Love and hugs

7:52 AM  
Blogger Bea said...

I love them both! Happy New Year to you!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Knit and Purl Mama said...

Happy New Year! Love both projects!

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Sam said...

Great socks! Thanks for reminding me that I have a sock blank percolating in my stash somewhere.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

The baby sweater is knock your socks off gorgeous and the socks are so happy and pretty:)Hugs Darcy

2:51 PM  
Blogger Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Happy New Year!

The sweater is so cute and I love how I saw you go from hand-dying your yarn to knitting them up into a finished pair of socks. Nice!

3:12 PM  
Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

Two gorgeous knits to finish out the new year!! Love them both!

Wishing you a very happy happy New Year!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Marisol said...

OMG the socks came out fabulous! Your last to projects as always are lovely:)

7:38 AM  
Blogger weezalana said...

Great job on the socks - and matching the stripes up so perfectly! And that baby sweater is gorgeous!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Jenny Girl said...

Happy new year!
That sweater is so freakin cute! You will definitely find a good home for it I'm sure.
Great job on the socks too. Both with the dyeing and the knitting.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two beautiful projects!! Great job and Happy New Year!

5:55 PM  
Blogger Rocky Moreno said...

I love the Stripey Socks! Turned out great!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

That is one cute sweater! Now I'm feeling inspired to do some baby knits again.

12:57 PM  

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