Monday, May 28, 2007

Last Day Off

I've been home for the last 5 days. And I'm definitely raring to get going tomorrow morning. As for today, I made a monster trip to the grocery store so I have everything I need to pack my lunch. I packed my backpack. And I picked out my outfit for my first day of school. What? You didn't do that each year before the first day???

With the important stuff out of the way, I'm doing laundry and enjoying one of these.


Yummy Mojito!

I just wanted to say a quick Thank You!!!! to all of our service people, past and present. You make this country safer and more free. I truly appreciate everything you do. And stay safe!!


Blogger Lovs2Knit said...

Picking out your outfit the night before saves time and keeps you from running around like a crazy woman in the morning.
Congrats on starting school, Good Luck and have fun tomorrow! Be sure to let us know how your first day went. :~)

7:16 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

Mmmm, yum. Have a great first day!

12:35 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

I had a mojito last night, too! Please tell me your recipe - I had one in FL for the first time a few weeks back and have been trying to emulate that at home.

5:25 AM  
Blogger NotScarlett Sarah said...

Mmmm Mojito! YUM!

I hope you have a great first day!

5:33 AM  
Anonymous BalletMommy said...

You've been tagged! Check my blog for the "stuff"

11:14 AM  
Blogger KnittingMoose said...

Good luck with everything! I'm a little behind on my reading, so now I'll just say...Hope your first day is going well!

1:28 PM  
Blogger 5elementknitr said...

I love the first day of school! I love the school supplies, the nervousness and the potential! I'm jealous! Knock em dead! (Well, not literally, you are going to nursing school, right?)

10:22 PM  

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