Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Story of the Monkey

There's lots of pictures in this one. Hopefully, it doesn't bog down your connection too much.

Let's start with the news of the Monkey.

What once looked like this... 1 repeat short...

Monkey Sock- Bad Toes

Has been fixed to look like this...

Monkey Socks- Done

Here's a close up of the toe...

Monkey Socks- Toe Detail

Pattern: Monkey from
Yarn: Yarntini Cherry Cordial
Needles: Bryspun flex dpn's size 2.5
Mods: None really- I went up a needle size to fit my big old feet. I had plenty of yarn to do more repeats on the cuff. But I'll use the leftovers for footies maybe. The next time I do these socks, I'll use a more solid yarn. I love the yarn. I love the pattern. I'm just not sure they are the perfect match. I'm happy with the results but I think it could have been better.

These were my February socks for Socktopia. The theme I used was "Life is Like a Box of Chocolates." So I'm 10 days late. Oops! Hopefully I can do better in March. In fact, I already cast on some Baudelaire's in Sunshine Yarn Avocado for the "It's Not Easy Being Green" theme. I hope I make it on time.

Finally, my Petals Collection package was rescued from the grip of the postal service. The package was lovely of course. Sundara pays great attention to detail.

Petals Collection- February

The package includes a beautiful picture of the flower represented and a wonderful pattern.

Petals Collection- Feb

To be honest with you, I had seen pictures of this online and I didn't really love the color. But when I opened the package, I totally changed my mind. It's vibrant and bright without being obnoxious. Well worth the wait!

Sundara Bird of Paradise

She's opening up the Petals Collection to new members next week. I highly recommend it. And I'll be extending my membership. Sock clubs are my vice!!!

Also, did you see the special Cherry Blossom yarn she's dying for her 1 year anniversary??? DIVINE!! Get some while you can. Can you tell I'm into pink and brown lately?

Finally, I want to show you another great etsy "found" through Georgia. I didn't know much about needle felting but I saw a felted penguin on her site and I had to get one of my own. Well, actually, I got a bumble bee.

Needle Felted Bee

Isn't he cute???? He's from Wool Pets. She sells kits and her own needle felted animals. It took me about an hour to make this little guy. The button next to him was included with my recent purchase from Piddleloop. I just loved the sheep with a moustache. I had to show you.

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Blogger peaknits said...

Chock full of great pictures! Great post!

Love, love that you are my partner in committing "sock club" crimes! Your Monkeys turned out awesome, love that colorway, I have it in self-striping:) And I also love Sundara's club and was excited by the yarn too - though I probably wouldn't "pick" it out (since I too am into pink and brown, and other girly, girl things) - I'm glad to have gotten it to try something fun and tropical! Cheers

5:07 AM  
Anonymous maryannlucy said...

That sock is absolutely gorgeous. What beautiful colours. I want some ;-)

8:19 AM  
Blogger Nell said...

The monkeys look just great! And that yarn is beautiful, I love that you get a picture of the inspiring flower too. Great idea.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

that monkey sock is one of the prettiest i think i've seen

3:40 PM  

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