Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goals Update- Week 9

Not too much to tell today. I got a bug in my bum about cooking. So I made my Pad Thai which Brian promptly gobbled up.

Now I'm doing laundry and watching a movie. Not too thrilling.

1. Thin for Thirty- Down a net 5 pounds. Gotta work harder this month. Only 6 months left to my birthday.

2. Grad school- Check! Just waiting on the details.

3. Save money- Workin' on it. But with school on the horizon, I'm feeling the need to stock up on things. I know that's lame but it's true. I'm trying to stay away from my favorite yarn sites though. That's too dangerous!

4. Don't buy yarn- I don't have to. With the clubs it keeps coming to me. I think the postal service is holding my February Petals Collection hostage. Sigh.... My mail carrier hates me!

Not much to say today. I slept until noon and went to the grocery store. And now the movie and laundry.

If you haven't seen Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrel, go rent it. It's very good and very original. I also saw A Good Year this weekend. It made me want to move to France or Italy or Spain. Immediately.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know if this will be your cuppa, but over here on the ranch the horses are all talking about The Runner's Diet. I flipped through it, it had really sensible advice for making sure you ate few enough calories to lose weight while also making sure you had energy to do your workout.

Bock Bock
The Masked Chicken

5:09 AM  

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