Saturday, March 03, 2007

Getting My Craft On

Whew! I've been a busy bee today.

I cast on for my second monkey sock and the second Moorish lattice sock. No second sock syndrome here!

I finished the quilt for my faux nephew.

Baby Neviaser Quilt Corner

It's not square or perfect or anything remotely resembling a professional effort. But it is darn cute!

Baby Neviaser Quilt Done

I love it! Now, it's out of a quick wash and ready to pack up to my friends Jen and Andy who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little one.

By the way, the brown floral shoes in the upper right hand corner of the picture are newly acquired from Payless of all places. Super comfortable and perfect for casual Friday.

On Friday, I received my February installation of the Sunshine Yarn Sock Club.

Sunshine Yarn- Fresh

Isn't it pretty! Great Spring color. This skein also came with peanut butter kisses and a row counter. I totally forgot that this was coming. So imagine how thrilled I was when I opened the mailbox on Friday. Wonderful!

My other Friday package was the initial shipment of the Rockin' Sock Club.

Rockin Sock Club- February

Check it out! I love the binder. Now I can organize my growing pattern collection. And the "emergency" sock yarn key chain is adorable. I might have to come up with a cool way to display the unused key chains....

STR- Monsoon

Here's a better picture of the actual yarn. It's STR medium weight in Monsoon! Green, brown and gray. So pretty! And very reminiscent of the weather around here this week.

The last package to talk about this week is one from Maritza at knotty bits.

Zee Little Martian

I saw this on her blog and I had to have it. I'm telling everyone that it's for faux nephew. But I'm having a hard time packing him up. Sorry this picture looks like an alien autopsy. He's very much alive and adorable!

Pocket Squirrels

I've long been a fan of knotty bits. She makes these adorable pocket squirrels. I've passed a couple along to other people. I have 6 for myself in various Japanese fabrics. I plan on making Christmas tree ornaments out of them. Maybe I can come up with some kind of garland for them in my studio.... Hmmm.....

Milo and her fish

Finally, here's a shot of Milo appreciating her new catnip fish made by knotty bits. These little fish haven't been more than 5 feet from my kitties since I brought them home. It's pretty funny. And why is Milo sleeping on my shoe? So silly!

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Anonymous jen said...

the quilt turned out beautiful. i think your faux nephew will just love his faux auntie very much for such a room brightner!

those squirrels are very cool. You just gave me an outlet to find erin (of dorky best friend) something for xmas this year!)

3:31 PM  
Blogger Nell said...

The quilt looks ace! How excited will they be when they open it!!!

And I love those squirrels. What great fabrics.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Momma Monkey said...

I LOVE that quilt !! Those colors are gorgeous together !!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Nad said...

Wow, I love the Monsoon yarn. I wish I could have been part of this...... maybe next year!!!!!! :)

1:14 PM  

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