Monday, January 08, 2007

Nancy Bush, You Rock My World

During the great stash enhancement of December, I figured I needed a few more sock patterns for all this yarn. After reading all about sock books on knitty and hearing an interview on Cast-On, I decided on two Nancy Bush books. Knitting on the Road and Knitting Vintage Socks are AWESOME! They are chock full of interesting patterns and new techniques. Plus, they are spiral bound which makes using these books very easy. Now I'm having a classic knitters' problem- I have tons of yarn, patterns, and needles but I still have to go to work and sleep.



Blogger Catherine said...

Damn that work and sleep! So I guess I'm not the only one wishing I didn't have to work so I could go home and knit...

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Christy/ Not Hip said...

Nancy Bush definitely rocks. I got Knitting Vintage Socks for Christmas and I am also having the problem of the need to knit faster. I love ALL of the patterns in the book.

7:18 PM  
Blogger peaknits said...

I love these books too - and I agree, I wish I could stay home and knit - or knit in my sleep or... maybe while driving?

3:41 PM  

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