Saturday, January 27, 2007

I have no title

Have you ever tipped over your knitting bag and tons of crap falls out? Yup- that's what happened to me. I took it as a not so subtle sign it was time to organize my little corner of knittiness.

As fate would have it, I was listening to an old episode of Lime-n-Violet where they mentioned the Fresh Yarn Etsy Shop. One of the organizational issues I've been having is how to wrangle my needles and crochet hooks. Check this out...

Fresh Yarns Crochet

It's a crochet hook holder!

Fresh Yarn Crochet Holder

Now, I don't really crochet. OK- I don't crochet at all. I'm not anti. I just haven't gotten there yet. But I was looking at JoAnne's for a smaller crochet hook I could use to rescue occasional dropped stitches and I noticed a set of 8 hooks for not much more money than one. Light bulb! Why not get them all? Well, they've been floating haphazardly in my knitting bag since. Now they have a little home. Phew! This doesn't solve my knitting needle organizational issue but we all know how I work in baby steps.

Julia updated the Knitterly Things page this week and I really wanted to get something for my downstream SP. Well, I figured the loop hole to the knit from my stash thing is that if I buy something for myself, I have to give away an equal number of skeins from the stash to someone. I have some perfect yarn for my SP living in my stash. And since I'm giving that away, I could buy 1 skein of Vesper. I know that's a total cop out. But I couldn't resist the Astro colorway.

Vesper Yarn- Astro

See??? It's so pretty. This one is staying with me. There's other loveliness that will be going off to my SP.

Another great deal I made this week was a trade. I got this Claudia Handpainted sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe. When it arrived, it was a lot brighter than I anticipated.

Claudia Handpaint- Tropicana

See? It's a little bright for me. I like orange but not this bright. Luckily, someone on the knitty boards loved it and had a some Trekking she didn't love.

Trekking XXL Denim

Score! The blue suits me much better. I received some other things in the trade but, again, I can't show you due to my secret pal sneakiness.

I'm halfway through my second rainbow jaywalker. They are crazy and fun. And when I have pictures you'll question why the Claudia yarn was too bright. They are going to be great.

I'm putting all this job crap behind me for the weekend. I can't do anything so I'm not going to worry about it. My upstream secret pal (The Masked Chicken) has been sending out lots of good job vibes for me. Thank you so much!!! Take a break for the weekend. I don't want vibrating keyboards and tea spilled on the keyboard on my conscience! :)



Anonymous susan b anderson said...

We both love yarntini, but I am so jealous of your Vesper. I have been trying to get some of that forever and it is always sold out. Actually yarntini is getting hard to find as well. I would love to see your yarntini vintage knee socks. Adios!

3:57 PM  
Blogger peaknits said...

I love the Vesper - I haven't been able to wind my skein - it's so gorgeous just the way it is:) I am wishing I was your SP! I love your crochet needle case, I was experienting with trying to sew one for my knitting needles today. Keeping my fingers crossed for your promotion - not that you are trying to think about it - just sayin':)

5:18 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

I like that crochet hook organizer. I don't crochet, either, but I have a hook in all the standard sizes (and some tinytiny ones) for picking up stitches, doing crochet cast-ons, and sometimes (read: once every five years) making some trim on a knitted project.

I just keep all the hooks in a cup on top of a shelf by my computer, with my DPNs.

7:32 PM  

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