Sunday, January 21, 2007

Goals Update- Week 3

This week has been tough. I had a lot going on at work and it really affected my other priorities.

1. Thin For Thirty- According to the scale this morning, I actually gained a pound. Yesterday it indicated that I had lost 2. So officially, I've gained 1. But hopefully, I'll have better news next week. I definitely cheated this week. I had a taco plate on Thursday and my boss had her holiday party last night with lots of prime rib, shrimp, and cheesecake. So back on the horse this week. I really want to lose 10 total by the end of January! On the upside, I started running again this week. 14 miles which, considering the week I had, is pretty good. Gotta keep that up!

2. Knit From My Stash- Well, there hasn't been much knitting at all. In fact, there's mostly been frogging. I'm about to turn the heel on the second try of the first rainbow jaywalker. Slow but steady, right? The big news here is that Vesper had an update yesterday. And I bought two skeins of sock yarn. I fully intend to gift them to my secret pal. But I still feel a little guilty about buying yarn.

3. Junk Room to Studio- I'm working on that big time today. I really need Brian to get on board with it as well. A lot of what's in that room is his. There's been progress though. Not quite to the point of needing to buy furniture but progress none the less.

I know the blog's been a little boring this week. No pictures. No tales of FO's or packages received. Hopefully this coming week will be a little more interesting.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go on the weight loss! It isn't always easy, but the good news is that it's fairly simple.

Are you running outside or on a treadmill?

Check your email for a few messages from your secret pal.

Masked Chicken

7:10 AM  

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