Sunday, January 14, 2007

Goals Update- Week 2

1. Knit from the stash- I've been working on some jaywalkers in Regia rainbow stripes. I was almost to the toe last night and I realized, I can't get them on. UGH!!!!!! So I'll be ripping those out today and restarting with larger needles.

I also found a good project for some stash yarn! One of my college roommates is having a baby in April. And I have 4 skeins of Classic Elite Premiere in the stash. That's just enough to make the peapod sweater from Kate Gilbert. YAY! It's an eggplant color. Is that OK for a baby boy? I usually don't like to subscribe to gender specific colors but I don't want to offend anyone. But our school colors are purple and white. It could be baby's first Amherst sweater.

2. Thin for thirty- I dropped another 3 pounds this week. So I'm down 7 total. WooHoo!!!! I joined Runagogo. 100 miles by April 1. I got to get moving. The first 2 weeks of a diet I like to get used to watching what I'm eating and paying attention to how my body is reacting to the change in food. Now I really need to add in exercise. And I haven't run at all since the half marathon in October. Time to get back in the groove of moving my booty.

3. Grad School- I heard from one of my top choices that they are not going to interview everyone for acceptance. They will accept their top choices and interview anyone on the bubble. This is great news assuming they find me qualified. I get really nervous in interviews. I mean nervous to the point of forgetting what I've already said. I kind of go on autopilot. And that's not good for any interviews.

4. Junk Room to Office- I'm going to work on this today. Friday night I got one of the existing bookcases cleaned out and put more books in it. I took all the pictures that were still in the envelopes from the developer and put them into photo boxes. ($1.99 at Joanne's!!!) I got all my magazines organized and put into a magazine file. It's slow going but there's definitely been progress.

On tap for today- cleaning, laundry, exercising (I'm behind in this Runagogo thing), and ripping out my jaywalkers. Good times...



Blogger Beth said...

Thank you for your condolences on my father.

I found the Jaywalkers to be kind of a pain. Although they do fit, they are kind of hard to get on and not very comfortable once they are on because they don't stretch. It's definitely not my favorite pattern.

11:51 AM  
Blogger peaknit said...

Good job getting started on the right foot on all of your goals. When I had my grad school interview - I seriously considered just leaving before I could meet with the head of the department! I ended up not finishing my Master's...but maybe later right? Woo hoo Runagogo!! Let's get moving! :)

1:32 PM  
Blogger Nell said...

I think aubergine is a great colour for a baby - I agree with not necessarily going for blue.

3:42 AM  

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