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First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful, safe New Year! Here at Palais de Poulet, we hung out and ate pizza. Sorry, no crazy year end tales of the Chicken in the City.

So on to 2007!!

This is a significant year for me because I'm turning thirty. Therefore, I have some lofty goals to achieve. I tend not to make resolutions because they never keep. Goals seem to be much more comfortable and attainable in every New Year.

The Goals

Goal #1- Knit from my Stash (as stolen from Wendy)

When I started out in this new hobby of knitting I bought two small rubbermaid tubs. Mind you, these aren't the bins that small children could hide in. These are about the size of 2 shoe boxes. As I read about the stash issues of others on knitty, I promised myself that my stash would absolutely NOT outgrow theses two bins. I would buy for each project as I went along and the bins would provide storage for yarn I absolutely HAD to have. Famous last thoughts, right? Exactly. Then, I learned to knit socks, shop on Etsy, and listen to Lime & Violet.

At last count, I have amassed 20,434 yards of yarn. (That's about twice what my little bins can hold.) And this doesn't count the roughly 16 skeins that are on order but not received. Yikes! This girl needs a yarn intervention.

Below are the pictures of my sock stash alone. Again, this doesn't count the recent purchase of 21 skeins of sock yarn or any yarn that isn't fingering weight. (There isn't much in the stash that isn't for socks but still- that's a lot of yarn.)

Sock Stash 1

Sock Stash 2

Rules for Knit from my Stash:

A. No yarn will be purchased until the stash fits into the two designated bins. To accomplish this goal, I have joined the Petals Collection KAL, Socktopia, and the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon. It's all socks all the time. If you don't like socks, I'm afraid you'll have to find another blog. (Don't leave, really. Please. Seriously, don't leave.)

B. New yarn can only be obtained if it has been paid for or committed to before today, if won in a contest, or given as a gift. For example, I have signed up for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Socks Club. However, I have not yet paid for this club. Only the STR and Sunshine yarn clubs fall into the "committed but not paid for" pile. The 16 odd skeins that are still on the way are OK as well because they are already paid for. But now I'm done until the two bin limit is reached. I promise not to trick anyone into "gifting" me yarn in return for the "gift" of their groceries. There will be no accomplices.

C. There are no exceptions to the yarn rule. I must resist the siren song of yarn on etsy. I can buy patterns, books, needles and various accoutrement but only for the express purpose of clearing the stash. I know this sounds harsh but I'm very committed to getting down to my 2 bin goal. The yarn guilt is overwhelming. I apologize to my usual yarn suppliers whose kids will have to go to public school in the Fall.

Goal #2- Turn junk room into studio/office.
I want to turn this mess into usable space in our very small apartment. You can see the things in this room will survive quite well in the garage. But the garage is 3 floors down and no elevator. And I'll need furniture. This means a trip to IKEA and that'll be rough. But a room of my own will be wonderful. Hopefully, this will be done by February. Especially important for goal #3.

Junk Room

Goal #3- Get into and start grad school.
The applications are in. Now, I'm just waiting for the verdicts.

Goal #4- Save more money.
See goal #1 as a clear and obvious way of making this happen and goal #3 as the reason.

Goal #5- Get down to my college weight. AKA- "Thin for Thirty"
I hope to accomplish this by my 30th birthday in September. Please don't come to me with any negativity or warnings about changes to my body as I grow older, I know this and the goal is possible. My college weight was a very healthy one. I was there when I met my husband almost 7 years ago. I haven't had kids. There are no excuses for me being lazy and having a ridiculous love of pizza. The goal is between 30-40 pounds. Just enough to fit back into my skinny jeans. When I get there, those jeans will cease to be skinny jeans and thus lose their sacred status. And I can buy new designer skinny jeans with all the yarn money I've saved.

The Plan

To keep me honest, I plan on blogging a goals update weekly. This will keep me on track, keep you informed, and hopefully, be kind of interesting. If you hate it, tell me and I'll try to cleverly hide these updates in other posts.

2007 has the promise of being a wonderful year! Hopefully, I won't blow it by February.



Blogger Lovs2Knit said... your sock yarn stash. It looks like you have some really yummy sock yarns.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Nell said...

My god, I'll say it again, how do you and Hubby EAT?

But, you will have gorgeous, warm feet!!

3:00 AM  
Blogger Allegra said...

What a BEAUTIFUL sock yarn stash you have!

9:23 AM  

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