Saturday, December 16, 2006

My (not so) Irish Eyes are Smiling!

Here's more pics of Ireland as requested...

The great room at Blarney Castle. It's remarkably well preserved. And I know it's a cheesy, touristy thing to do but I kissed the stone. It was a rainy day but that really added to the medieval feel of the place. I certainly would not have attacked Blarney. It's pretty impressive.

Outside view of Blarney. It's just SOOOOO green!!!!

My Dad and I hanging out on top of Blarney. For those of you wondering, I'm wearing my so-called scarf in Rio de la Plata wool. It kept me nice and warm while hiking around the countryside.

St. Finn Barre's cathedral in Cork City. There's a golden angel who will blow his horn when the apocalypse comes. Thank goodness we didn't hear any horns.

The Jameson distillery in Midleton. I love how the red doors pop off of the grey stone.

Brian and I at Black Rock Castle. Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation after we walked an hour and a half to get there. Oh well, we found a great pub with a friendly dog to sit and wait while we called a cab to go back!

My Dad spotted this tower from the road and we stopped to ask the owners if it was OK for us to hike up the hill to have a look. Well, she looked at us like we were nuts but said yes. This tower is in a sheep field on a hill between Cloyne and Shanagarry. There were only minor injuries from hopping the barbed wire fence!

In all my brilliance, I forgot the power converter. So halfway through the trip we had to change to a disposable camera. I need to pick up those pictures from Target later today. So maybe they'll be a big picture post tomorrow as well.



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