Friday, December 22, 2006

Movie night

When I got home Brian and I decided we wanted Chinese food and beer to accompany our Friday movie night. And I was back on the road to go pick it up. While I waited for the food to be ready, I went to Long's Drugs to get beer. At the check out, predictably, I was carded. Upon inspection of my ID, the checkout girl said, "You look good for your age." Now, presumably this was a compliment. But since I'm on the verge of thirty, it wasn't the most appropriate comment. There was a man of about 50 behind me in line. He too found this comment a little odd. He asked me if I was seventy or something. I love a man who can pull out a clever little dig.

I'm knitting socks. And planning 2 dog sweaters. And drinking beer. And watching Johnny Depp be a great pirate. It's a good Friday night.


Blogger Nell said...

Yeah! Pirates of the Caribbean! That's on TV this christmas! I hate being ID'd. Why did it never happen when we were 15??

2:54 AM  

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