Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Heart Ireland

We're back!!!!! And we had a wonderful trip. Castles and Guinness and yarn, oh my!

First and foremost, the Irish are the nicest, friendliest people. Everywhere we went the locals were excited to see us and talk to us about their home. And I think it might be impossible to sound angry or rude with their lovely lilting accents. They didn't even mind that much when I drove the wrong way down a one way street and nearly clipped a wall while trying to drive on the left.

I did find one yarn store in Cork. A country with this many sheep probably has loads of yarn shops but I could only find one- Cork Wools. I contributed to the Irish economy with 4 skeins of sock yarn.

I've never heard of Town and Country or St. Ives. But this was the best there was. I liked the gray because almost every day in Ireland involved rain and wind. If I make cozy socks out of gray yarn, I'll turn that lemon of a memory into lemonade. And I really like the color of the Sirdar. Brian was kind enough to sit patiently while I spent a little time wandering around the shop.

This shop is right next to the English Market in Cork city center. There's a stall for everything! Meat shops. Fish shops. Bread shops. I'm so intrigued by going to shop for food daily. It's a very romantic notion for me. In reality, it's probably a pain but I chose not to think about that.

We also visited the Old Midleton Distillery. This is where all the Jameson whiskey in Ireland is made. This was a great tour not only because they give you a whiskey at the end. YUM! My hot toddie was very delicious on this blustery day.
The best part of the trip of course was getting to see my little sis. (Can you tell we're related?) She's so cool. And I'm pretty much jealous of her life. Last Friday she graduated from Ballymaloe Cookery School and promptly moved to London to work at Neal's Yard. She'll be in London for 3 months before moving back to Chicago. So if you see her there, say Hi. I just love this girl so much!

Incidentally, I finished her legwarmers on the plane over. The Cascade 220 turned my fingers green. It washed off in a couple of days but I thought that was odd. Anyway, she's got 2 new sets of legwarmers and a set of Hedera socks to keep her warm in the UK.

It's taken me a couple of days to feel settled again. And I'm back to my usual grind. Except for my panic attack about Christmas coming in a week and a half, I'm fine. My new mantra is "it'll all get done." It'll all get done. Please don't tell me otherwise!



Blogger Nell said...

Oh Yeah Ireland! My two girlfriends and I drove around Ireland in summer 2002. I already knew it quite well as I have Irish roots. My friend Ellie met her still-boyfriend there that summer, in Galway. She even lives there now!! Amazing country, I love it! More pics please.......!

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