Sunday, November 19, 2006

This Week's Wrap-up

I got some! That's right. I stalked the knitterly things website and clicked just fast enough to get a skein of knit and tonic. YAY! This yarn is really soft and the colors have great saturation. It'll be really interesting to see how this knits up. Unfortunately, I think it'll be a while. There's a lot in the queue right now.

Yarntini also had a etsy shop update. I scored some fig & plum and cherry cordial. Sometimes I think I like winning the yarn more than the actual yarn. You know, like when you finally get the boy, you figure out he's not that great. Luckily for me, this is never the case with yarntini. Jessie's yarn is so soft and squishy. And the colors! Wow- the colors! I'm working on a sock right now with yarntini hope. The stripes are just amazing. When I saw this picture, I knew I needed some Fig & Plum.

I'm working on some great stuff right now. Unfortunately, there's not a lot to show right now. There's the second sock in STR Scottish Highlands and the yarntini sock in Hope. But all this has been interrupted by Christmas knitting. My little sister wants legwarmers. So I've got those going in Lamb's Pride Bulky in blue blood red. And I have Cascade 220 in Christmas green for a second set. Really what this means is that I'm in k1, p1 hell. I love how legwarmers come out but knitting them isn't that fun. But if they keep my sister's legs warm, it's worth it.

I leave you with the best thing I've purchased at Target in awhile. Sock monkey slippers!!!!! My cat looks at them suspiciously. But I think they're hilarious!



Anonymous georgia said...

hey, i have some vesper in "knit and tonic" too. the colors in mine are way lighter. i bought it ages ago on kpixie.

i love my yarntini, and i love jessie. she's super sweet, and her yarn is awesome.

and your slippers? i heart them so much!

9:04 PM  
Blogger peaknits said...

I am totally with you - I feel like I am "winning" the yarn too as I swoop in and get to it first. Then there is that little detail...paying for it! I agree with the previous commenter - Jessie at Yarntini seriously rocks! As does the Vesper sock yarn, I had to tie my hands together not to "win" this knit and tonic myself:) Love your collection and love knowing there is another sock yarn curator out there!:)

11:16 AM  

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