Saturday, November 25, 2006

I've Been Bad

Wednesday night I finished all my Thanksgiving prep and went to sleep knowing I was all set to go. Unfortunately, I woke up with a terrible sore throat and a plugged up nose. UGH! Seriously, I haven't been sick this many times in one year EVER! My symptoms are changing daily. Now the sore throat is gone but I'm quite stuffed up and constantly blowing my nose. Very sexy, let me tell you. I just hope I can kick it before we head to Ireland on Friday!!!

My computer has caught a cold too. On Wednesday night, it stopped recognizing the hard drive. Yeah- that's not good. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty since I only bought my new laptop in March. This morning we toddled over to CompUSA. So hopefully, in 24-48 hours, we'll have a verdict. Funniest question of the day... CompUSA guy: "Is there any data you want us to save?" Me: "Save whatever you can, it's my computer." Seriously??? Why wouldn't you save any information you can. DUH! Now I'm on Brian's work computer. This is one of those days it's really good to live with a geek.

In the midst of my phlegm and computer issues, I have not lost my purchasing power. Walmart had a great Post-Thanksgiving deal on a Brother sewing machine. Normally, I hate Walmart. Not for any political reason but the store I go to is always a disaster. There are kids running around everywhere and some lady had an iguana at the jewelry counter last time I was there. It's a long story. ANYWAY, I scored this little baby. Now, just so you know, I don't know how to sew. But I've wanted to learn for a while. I've been mulling a different Brother model, a Janome, or a Baby Lock. All of those were $200 and up. So when I saw this deal, I had to snap it up. I mean, $55?!?!?! Even if I grow out of it quickly, this should be a good learning machine. And I think I'll be able to quilt on it pretty easily. YAY!!!! As if I need a new hobby. Hopefully, owning the machine will give me the impetus to clean out the junk room and make it my office/craft room. That's the plan at least.

I also got some Yarn Pirate yarn in her new Frost and Storm colors. The merino/tencel blend gives the yarn a great sheen and it's oh so soft. I haven't taken my own pictures because of the computer issues and I'm lazy. So you'll have to click the links to get pics. Sorry!

OK- I'm going to go dose up on cold meds. I'll probably sleep until tomorrow. If anyone knows any snot combating secrets, please let me know. :)


Anonymous georgia said...

thanks for shopping at the loopy ewe! i love being able to sell there. they have such great customer service.

that's a great sewing machine to learn on, and you could easily do some quilting with it. i taught myself to sew...i just bought a few yards of fabric i liked, cut them up into squares and sewed them back together again. have fun with it!

and have a great time in ireland! i'm so jealous. i can't wait to read about your trip.

2:33 PM  
Blogger peaknits said...

My heart goes out to you as I suffer with the flu in my little corner of the world. I will pray you are well when you go abroad. And I hear you about Wal-Mart - our local one is like a trip through hell! But great purchase, good luck with your sewing endeavors - it's second only to knitting:)

8:44 PM  

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