Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bad Tum

I'm not feeling so well this weekend. I just can't seem to make my tummy happy.

I'm knitting, but slowly. And I'm sleeping a lot.

Why doesn't this happen during the week???


Blogger Thea said...

Hey Nell,

Am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, hopefully it will pass in a day or so. I wanted to write because your package MADE my weekend!

Sending me that beautiful yarn was absolutely unecessary, and also completely wonderful. Not only were the colors perfect, but Dani of S.Y. is a buddy of mine and I am so happy when people buy her stuff.. Have been thinking of trying those Potomas socks myself, maybe now I'll have to.

Thanks, thanks, thanks! Thea

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Hi Nell - Thanks for the compliment on my dreamcatcher sweater - it's one of my favorite projects yet!

Peppermint tea always makes my tummy feel better.

And - I've got piddleloop bag envy - what a great little project bag!

8:20 AM  
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