Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Got RAK'd!!!!!!!

When I got home, after battling traffic for twice the length of my normal commute, I had a great little box waiting for me! YArN KNiTa from the knitty boards sent me a cute little package full of all this great stuff!

Magic stripes sock yarn (swoon), Jasmine green tea, a sudoku book, a novel, post its, tangerine sour altoids (who knew???), and a little manicure set. SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! This just made my day. Thank you so much!

I also wanted to show you what I've accomplished this Socktober. 3 socks. No pairs but those are on the way. Both the Hedera and the STR sock have second socks cast on. The first Pomatomus sock was finished before Socktober started. When the two on the right are finished, I'll write proper FO posts.

From left to right: Pomatomus in Koigu, Hedera in Sundara, and a Garter Rib Sock in STR

Is it just me or is the STR sock GIGANTIC!?!?! This just goes to show you what lace patterns and ribbing will do because they all fit me. Again, bad lighting = bad pictures. But daylight savings is totally screwing with me in terms of lighting. Let's be honest, my pictures aren't that good when there is sunlight.


Milo and Eva were so cute last night all cuddled up on the laundry. Today I give Milo extra love because Halloween is tough for an all black cat. Trust me, her eyes are not so demonic in person.

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Blogger Nell said...

I love the 'N' shaped post-its, perfect! Cute puddy cats too!

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Love all the socks, they are so pretty!

Also wanted to tell you, I had a female cat named Milo for 12 years. She was my best furry friend ever...seeing your Milo brought back fond memories of my Milo.

11:23 AM  
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