Sunday, October 22, 2006


Today I ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon. It was one of the most amazing and painful experiences of my life. I've been training since June for this run. And, although I'm a life long athlete, I've never been a runner. 13.1 miles later, at least for today, I've earned the that title. I huffed and puffed. I had bursts of energy and moments where I wanted to stop. But thanks to Kim (a girl I met on the course), I made my 3 hour goal.

One of the most memorable moments occurred at the start line in Union Square, SF. It was 6 am. The square was closed off to traffic. And 15,000 women waited as the sun rose to start the race. The energy and excitement that filled the streets filled my heart and made me look forward to the race to come.

Thankfully, I'm not too sore now that I've had a bath and a nap. Brian even took me out for a cheeseburger. It's been a very good day.

I did some knitting this weekend too. But that'll have to wait until later in the week. I'm sleepy.


Blogger Nell said...

Well done you! My friend Karen ran the Robin Hood half marathon thi summer - she found the whole thing really exhilarating. You're both better women than me!

1:08 AM  

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