Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm feeling kind of weird. I've done a lot of sleeping this weekend. And I feel like that's wasted time because there's a lot to get done. But there isn't really a lot to get done. I just feel like there is.

I did my homework this morning. I'm slowly cleaning the house. There's knitting to do but no deadline on it. So there is progress...

I should be cleaning out my junk room to make my office. But I'm not in a huge hurry about that. And I'm too lazy and cheap to actually buy a desk and chair. The buying of furniture would make it necessary to clean out the space. I have a grand vision in mind. But apparently, I'm not wanting the office that badly since I've made no progress toward it's completion.

Same thing with my dresser that I broke about 4 months ago. I can't decide if I should buy 'good' furniture or just grab something from Ikea. Plus, Ikea is such a nightmare that I can't bring myself to go there to look for anything. Sigh...

Inertia. Maybe that's the word. Moving is just too much work. So I sit here feeling bad about not dong anything. But I can't get myself to want to do anything. Vicious circle.


Blogger Nell said...

I really understand how you're feeling now. Me too. No motivation whatsoever! If you want some Ikea advice, go on a weeknight at 9pm (round here, they close at 10). Believe me, it's bliss, no-one there at all!

Nell x

1:18 AM  

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