Friday, August 04, 2006

This week

has been tough. There have been bright spots and decidedly tough moments. Let me give you a recap...

Monday- Work was normal. Dinner with my friend Taylor and her mom at Michael Mina. Dinner was amazing. 3 courses where they prepare the dish 3 ways. I can't really explain it but, trust me, the sashimi is to die for. Great company. I remember how much I love SF. I'm so glad Taylor emailed me.

Tuesday- Stitch and Bitch at Katy's house. It turned out to only be 4 of us. Lots of people on vacay this summer. (I wish I was on vacay.) I'm to the heel on my second cable bootie for Brian's mom. It's just nice to feel like I have girlfriends again.

Wednesday- All the systems were down at work. They blamed it on the power outage last week but who knows. I went home around 5 and went straight to bed. Project Runway at 10 and then back to bed. I know, I'm lame but sometimes you have to listen to how sleepy you are. I've been so sleepy Brian asked me if I had mono.

Thursday- Work was normal. As you can see, there hasn't been much running this week. And I only turned in 3 miles. It's disappointing as I was supposed to do 5.

Friday- Seriously, TGIF!!! Today was chaos at work. An exam for my online class. Just general chasing my tail all day.

So I'm settling in with a bottle of sake and Dateline NBC. Even though I have to work tomorrow, tonight I know I can have a couple of drinks, sleep late, and not worry for a while.

BTW, did you see It's a whole new world of fabric and wallet draining loveliness. I might just have to splurge on that sewing machine.

Time for the sleepy.


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