Monday, July 03, 2006

France 1, Brazil 0

That was a huge shocker and one of the first big upsets of the world cup. I really thought Brazil would take it all. There hasn't been an all European final four since sometime in the 1980's. Now that Brazil is headed home, my money's on Italy.

This picture pretty much says it all...

Picture courtesy of the

But all went well at the Chicken household... I finished my Jaywalkers!!!!! My world cup of knitting is complete. YAY! And I have a couple of needle callouses to show for it. The socks are really cute. I knit the second one a little tighter than the first so the stripes don't quite match up. Oh well. Hopefully the recipient won't mind. They're a little difficult to get on and off. But once they're on, they are lovely to wear. They're made from Knit Picks Sock Garden in Stargazer Lily. According to Grumperina's website, this is a popular choice. I used size 1 addi bamboo dpn's. (They're affectionately known at the toothpicks.)

Now I have to turn my attention to the ruffle scarf that's been on my needles for at least a year. When a friend at work remarked that it was "STILL?" not finished, I got the hint that it needs some attention.

In other news, after an interesting hour at the Social Security Office, my name is officially Mrs. Brian. Since we lived together before we were married, it didn't really feel different after the ceremony. But now I have to start signing a new name. So that's something new and different. And, if you can help it, avoid the social security office. No one is happy to be there.



Blogger Lauri said...

Your Jaywalker socks look great.
Congrats on finishing your World Cup project! (just finished mine too)
The Jaywalkers are on my list of socks that I have to knit soon!

10:17 PM  

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