Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Binge

I went on a yarn binge yesterday. Actually, for the past week but it all arrived yesterday. It started innocently enough. I went to LYS for a new set of #3 dpns. And there it was.... The sock yarn aisle. I tried to stay away but I was unsuccessful. I got these little beauties. They'll make very cute stripey socks.

Then I started thinking about a scarf I have planned. It's going to be multi-stranded and I needed a couple more yarns to round out the color scheme. I've had the Manos in persimmon (the middle) and the KSH in marmalade (front left) for awhile. But I got some Lang Venezia in rust (both sides in back) and Karabella Mirage in oranges (front right) to round out the color scheme. It'll look great all knitted together for Fall. I'm lucky to have gotten out of there for under $100. Seriously, how can 1 set of dpn's multiply into a bag full of yarn????

When I got home, the postman had left me such a nice package! It's my sock yarn from Sundara!!!!!! 2 skeins of Cupid (left) and 2 skeins of Emerald Isle (right). Now I just have to find a pattern that is worthy of this lovely yarn.



Blogger mf said...

ohh yummy socks I see in your future!

6:19 AM  
Blogger MBT said...

It is a little known fact, but sock yarn jumps out at you - throws itself into your arms and refuses to be put down.

I know, I fell for it this week too!

7:02 AM  
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