Saturday, July 22, 2006

6 miles!!!!

That's right. I, former couch potato, just ran 6 miles. And, thanks to the great advice from Poppins from the knitty boards, I don't want to go directly to sleep now. I slowed it down a little from my 3 mile pace. I ran 4 miles. Took a little water and bathroom break. (less than 5 minutes) Then, I ran the last 2 miles. I'm really proud of myself right now. Sure, I'm a little sore right now. The real verdict will be tomorrow morning if I can get out of bed. :)

Brian fixed us a great salad for dinner. Considering it's 110 degrees here, salad sounds great. Our poor AC can't keep up with trying to keep it under 80 degrees in the house. I had to go to work today and walking outside into that heat was brutal. And I burnt my hands on the steering wheel. Thank goodness for our AC. I wouldn't be sleeping at all otherwise.


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