Saturday, June 10, 2006

England 1, Paraguay 0

So I got started on my Jaywalkers last night. I LOVE the yarn. And knitting with size 1 needles is like knitting with toothpicks. But the fabric the toothpicks are producing is thick and soft and wonderful.

But I am noticing a disturbing trend in my sock knitting. There's a swirl of color that winds around the sock. I can see it happening with the yellow on this one. We'll see. So far, I think it looks OK.

Now for some shameless yarn porn. I went to my LYS after work on Friday. It had been a long week and, in some ways, a tough week. So I treated my self to this....

The pictures don't do it justice at all. It's Rock Star from Tilli Tomas. 100% silk in a lush, lovely Moroccan Blue with clear glass beads. The pictures show it as more of a royal blue. But really, it's almost navy.

I haven't knit with silk before. In the skein, it is so soft and rich. I can't wait to make it into something beautiful.



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