Friday, May 12, 2006

Princeton Class of '52

I'm writing things to remember the biggest weekend of my life so far. I have to make sure it is saved somewhere so that I never forget.

The night before my wedding I was heading out to a second dinner with my college roommates when we saw a bunch of older men and their wives. They were all wearing name tags and dressed to impress. My friend Jen, who will ask anyone anything, asked them where they were from or what group they were with. They proudly answered "Princeton, Class of 1952!" We responded, "Amherst, Class of '99!" As it turns out the gentleman we were talking to attended Deerfield Academy for high school which is right down the road from Amherst. And we all ended up singing the Amherst fight song in the lobby of an extremely nice hotel in San Francisco.

Jen went on to tell this couple that I was getting married the next day. She asked them if they had any advice for me. The man said, "Well, we've been married 41 years. And they tell you not to ever go to sleep angry.... But sometimes you have to!" It totally cracked me up. His wife wished me all the happiness in the world and we parted ways.

They were adorable and lovely and so, so sweet.

I ran into another member of the Class of '52 right before I walked down the aisle. My dad and I were waiting in the hallway of the hotel until the guests were assembled. Another gentleman and his wife were headed out to dinner. They'd been married for 39 years. And about 3 minutes before I walked down the aisle they wished me a vary happy life with my new husband. Without even trying, I was surrounded by love and good wishes from people I didn't even know. These are moments I'll treasure forever. And I feel truly blessed.



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