Sunday, February 12, 2006

A typical Sunday

It's a typical Sunday at my house. My fiancee is playing World of Warcraft. This is a demonic game which will literally change your loved one into a computer obsessed individual incapable of conversation except in moments when the boss has been killed. I'm exaggerating. But what can I do? I love the guy. And he did buy my See's candy for the dreaded Valentine's Day.

I'm procrastinating my school work. I'm finding the Olympics much more interesting than my English Paper. Don't tell me who won. I like surprises.

Milo and Eva- the chubby kitties- are sleeping as usual. DF calls them carpet lumps. They are almost like speed bumps as they clearly think you should get out of their way.

Current knitting projects:
Legwarmers for my little sis.
Ruffle scarf for me
Baby blanket for a co-worker

But this isn't a typical Sunday. I'm launching my blog. I'm not sure I'll ever tell anyone I have one. And I may even find that I have nothing interesting to say. But here goes...


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